Monsanto: Spreading more than Seeds
Genetically Modified
The Mergers, The Acquisitions, The Lobby, the Takeover

(1)Farming embracing large scale operations, global distribution, use of genetically modified seeds and plants, and the increased use of herbicides and pesticides. 

(2)It’s said to benefit the little farmers, but profitable for the  big farmers and the corporations behind the business.

(3)Touted to aid food security throughout the world, in reality does more to encourage crops for export based on their comparative advantage, leaving developing nations with insecure food supplies and growing international debts. 

St. Louis, Missouri agribusiness giant Monsanto has established a presence throughout the world.  Their efforts for globalization have been aimed to increase market access for their genetically modified seeds and agricultural chemicals.  In reaching out to new markets Monsanto has conveniently also sought to dominate those markets and increase their share.  The company has also relieved heavily on Intellectual Property Rights, the acquisition of competing firms both foreign and domestic and the creation of joint ventures with other leaders in agribusiness to reach out to global markets.  Their efforts have significantly increased their profits and, thus their reasons for globalization are clearly capitalistic with Monsanto’s ceaseless efforts for new markets and more profits.